Fact 1

The agile methodologies were created in part for small co located teams who wanted to develop projects really fast and in small bursts called sprints. In small teams agile is really successful because there is a lot of transparency and communication when a team sits together in one room and tries to solve day to day issues really quick.  

fact 2

More often than not, software teams are no longer co located. They are mostly distributed and spread out all across the globe. Sometimes the clients are based in one location while the rest of the engineering or design team is in a different location, probably in different time zones. Other times, the entire team could be spread out across the globe with no two people sitting in the same room! Clearly with these changing paradigms, we need to revisit the way we communicate, co ordinate and more importantly create self organising teams, in a distributed set up. 

fact 3

There are companies and individuals out there who are aware of the above 2 facts and are creating great tools and products that need to be a part of a scrum master or product manager's tool kit. However, there are not enough platforms where people can discuss and learn about all these great tools and how they can be used. The distributed agile association is attempting to close that gap with providing great resources, consulting options, and a community to help distributed teams transform to great agile teams.