Get help with your agile transformation, today. 

Hey there! Need Help? 

Great! You have already embarked on your agile transformation journey for your company. Or perhaps you are building a team from scratch, and need help with cultivating capabilities within your team to deliver value rapidly. If so, I can help. 

Who am I and how can I help?

My name is Pritika Gulliani, and I am an Agile consultant. 

In case you have never heard of me **gasp**, here is why I'm uniquely qualified to tell you everything you have ever wanted to know about how to effectively run distributed teams using the Agile  philosophy.

I have over 12+ years of experience working with distributed software teams. A lot of that time was spent working at Thoughtworks Technologies. 

I have worked with 30+ teams, and helped them deliver great software in short iterations and work together to achieve a common goal. 

I started Distributed Agile Association because I was tired of people believing that agile software development can only be done with a team sitting together in one room. I looked everywhere for process, case studies and examples of distributed agile teams working together, and hardly found any. I knew that remote and distributed agile teams can succeed from my own personal experience working with small product teams and large Fortune 500 organisations. 

Here are a few achievements I have gathered in the past few years: 

  • Worked with 30+ teams, largely distributed agile software teams. 
  • Lead projects of all sizes, right from 50 people teams for Fortune 500 companies, to small 5 people start ups. 
  • Worked as an agile coach and mentor for graduates right out of college as a part of Thoughtworks University while working at Thoughtworks. 
  • Currently working with The Authenticity Institute, as an Agile Coach and project manager, helping a completely remote team create products really fast for their clients. 
  • Worked with organisations like Barclay Card and Mediawide Technologies to transition to agile for their teams. 


To know more about consulting at The Distributed Agile Association, get in touch! 

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